System innovations ACT Writing Test Returns to 2–12 Scale

The ACT announced that it will no longer grade the ACT Writing Test on a scale of 1–36 today. Starting in September of 2016, the ACT will go back to the old scale that is writing of.

Why the unexpected modification

The ACT not any longer thinks that the 1–36 rating could be the way that is best to report pupil composing performance. The ACT now realizes that the new scale created a “perceptual problem” for students, counselors, and colleges while the 1–36 scale was designed to better align the ACT Writing score with the rest of the ACT score report. The new scale failed to provide reliable information about students in other words.

Will the task that is writing too?

Fortunately, no. In the middle of countless modifications to both the SAT while the ACT, we have been very happy to report that the optional ACT Writing task will stay exactly the same. Pupils will nevertheless assess three views on a controversial modern-day issue since well as form their particular viewpoints from the problem.

The rubric will remain the same also. Just like the 1–36 scale, pupils is going to be assigned four domain ratings: Tips & review, developing & help, Organization, and Language Use & Conventions.

Exactly How will the grading work?

Although the ACT is going back to the 2–12 scale, it won’t go back to its scoring that is old scheme. Beneath the old 2–12 scheme, two graders each assigned an essay just one, holistic rating from 1–6. The ratings had been then combined to make a score that is writing 2–12. And therefore ended up being it! Now things certainly are a bit more complex. (daha&helliip;)