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Las Positas College utilizes ACCUPLACER™ to ascertain a pupils’ scholastic ability in reading, writing and math. This is simply not merely another test – it helps figure out the best spot to start your program of study as a pupil at LPC. we would like you to make certain that your outcomes accurately reflect your appropriate-level courses – so make certain you prepare!

Get yourself ready for ACCUPLACER™

Exactly what does the ACCUPLACER™ test appear to be?

  • ACCUPLACER™ is really a standard test, utilized around the world. It really is an adaptive learning assessment, which means that you answer the questions that it will customize the next question depending on how. It may branch the questions up or down in trouble that you will be successful until it determines what course to place you so.
  • You’re going to be offered a scratch and pencil paper. The test will be completed on the pc.
  • A calculator function shall show up on appropriate dilemmas through the exam. You will never be able to utilize your very own.
  • You will not be in a position to skip concerns. (daha&helliip;)