10 reasoned explanations why you might be bleeding after intercourse

It may have been a bit scary if you have experienced bleeding after sex. There are a number of factors why it can be taking place and determining the reason is essential. Similarly significant is recalling that bleeding during or after intercourse is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of and a healthier partner will perhaps not think less of you because of it.

We have curved up the good reasons you are bleeding after intercourse , for more information on why it is taking place and everything you might be able to do about any of it.

You might have an STI you’re not alert to.

Bleeding after intercourse might be an illustration of a undiscovered STD. “The irritation of the cervix causes the bloodstream here to swell,” Ian Currie, consultant gynecologist at BMI The Chiltern Hospital told ladies’ wellness. (daha&helliip;)