Glaucoma, Marijuana, & CBD Oil

As marijuana use becomes more accepted and increasingly legalized, glaucoma clients usually ask if cannabis can actually treat glaucoma. We must explain some truths and dispel some myths.

Marijuana is appropriate for medical use within 30 US states and for recreational use within 9 US States. It is appropriate across Canada for recreational usage. Regardless of the relaxed mindset around cannabis, it’s still >LSD ).

Does Marijuana Lower Intraocular Stress?

Marijuana’s capacity to reduced pressure that is intraocularIOP) was discovered within the 1970s. Elevated IOP may be the risk that is major for developing glaucoma and also for the development of glaucoma. Treatment solutions are focused solely on reducing IOP. Many have wondered whether marijuana might be used being a treatment to lessen IOP and give a wide berth to glaucoma from getting even worse or causing loss of sight.

While cannabis does reduced IOP, about his it offers major downsides as a chronic, long-lasting, illness like glaucoma:

  • First, unlike glaucoma eyedrops (a number of that are effective for as much as a day), smoking THC decreases attention stress just for 3-4 hours. Marijuana would need 8-10 doses each day.
  • This might cost significantly more than typical glaucoma therapy
  • The real and mental side effects of frequent marijuana usage would reduce one’s efficiency.
  • Marijuana additionally impairs judgment and coordination, increases paranoia, elevates heartbeat, and irritates the eyes. (daha&helliip;)